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Now, you’re probably thinking, “I should hope she likes culture.” You’re right, that’s too easy of a statement. But it's also not enough to say I love culture. That feels like a cop-out. The best way to describe my feelings towards culture is that culture has steadily and incrementally become one of the largest, most influential aspects of my life. I didn’t understand culture in high school. I accidentally majored in culture in college. Now, as a professional, I find myself absorbing, dissembling and consuming culture almost every minute of every day.


I am a pop culture, race, and film writer living in Brooklyn, NY. After leaving my hometown of Hampton, Virginia;  I used my experience with race, discrimination, and prejudice to fuel my craft. In 2016, I was selected as Ron Brown Scholar. As an alumnus of The King's College in New York City, I used my voice and talent to create stories that resonated far beyond our isolated community, bringing to light the voices of long marginalized students. 

While completing my degree in 3 years, I began working as a freelance writer and script development associate. In 2018, I was hired by Newsweek Magazine as a Video Production Assistant. Only 2 years later, I earned the title of Senior Video Producer and became the youngest senior producer in Newsweek history. In my current role, I cover daily stories as well as long-form explainers, a weekly talk show, and a pop-culture podcast. 

I’ve been writing and editing at an industry level for over four years, the quality of which has not only been proven by my time and promotions at Newsweek but also by the content I’ve created for the company. My experience with the script to shoot production process means that I’m extremely knowledgeable about SEO, enjoy​ ​collaboration, and am capable of producing trending, daily content on a quality level. I’m also extremely talented at transforming stories into scripts and vice versa. Want to see what I'll create? All you have to do is ask. 

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recent work

recent work

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